It’s been too long hasn’t it??

Hi everyone!! It’s been too long since my last post hasn’t it?? On top of life catching up to me now, for the past few months I’ve been obsessing over a Korean drama that ended approximately 2 weeks ago… And to tell you the truth, I haven’t gotten over it yet (although I’m starting to gain my sanity back nowadays). ^^ So everyday my life basically revolves around studying and being on Twitter, Instagram and on the Soompi Forum to read about what the two co-stars of that drama (yes… I’m a shipper for those two.. >.< But don’t worry about me.. I’m getting my sanity back as I’ve told you.. or at least I hope I am.. >.<).

Anyways.. since this blog is about books & visual media.. I might as well tell everyone what the name of the drama is. It’s called Suspicious Partner. For those who enjoy watching a mix between romance and thriller (the mystery/crime aspect of it) I definitely recommend you to watch this. On top of a very engaging script, the acting delivered by all the casts members are top notch! Thus, you definitely won’t be disappointed when watching it! It, for once, definitely blew my expectations. And, mind you, this doesn’t happen often.. hahaha 😀 oops… >.<

Anyways.. back on track.. For those of you who actually follow my blog, I am very very sorry about my inactivity on this blog. This is usually because although I do wish to update it often, often times I find myself not knowing what I should talk about. And I don’t wish to talk about something that might not be fun for you guys.

Many of you probably don’t know this but the original reason why I wanted to create a blog was in order to introduce more people about the books that I enjoy reading, and to spread the love of these books with as much people as possible. Afterwards, I discovered that I also would like a space where I could introduce people to TV series that I enjoy watching to more people because I do understand that it could be hard to find a TV series that is enjoyable to watch. But, later on I found out that I’m not that talented in writing long blogs and detailed reviews about the books I love. I mainly like to spazz to people about the books I love face to face more than putting it down in paragraph format.

HOWEVER!!! I found a solution to this!!!

Just recently I had opened a twitter account where everyday I will tweet about a book that I have previously read before and enjoy reading. Hopefully, from here many people will become more aware of books that they might not have read before or may have come across but haven’t given a chance yet. >.< However, this twitter account will most likely focus on books. All discussions about dramas will still be made through this blog. This is mostly due to the fact that when I spazz about dramas, the amount of characters that Twitter allows for each post isn’t enough.

In this twitter account I will be updating it everyday, so for those of you who wish to discover more books you can do so by checking out the twitter account. For those who prefers checking out this blog, instead of updating it every day I decided to do it every few weeks. Maybe in some weeks I’ll compile the books that I’ve posted on Twitter and elaborate more here. Maybe in other weeks I’ll discuss about the dramas that I’m currently watching and enjoying.

So yea.. hopefully everyone come check out the twitter account or continue to follow this post. And yes! I’ll definitely try to update this blog more, so for the 8 followers of mine, don’t worry about it! I definitely haven’t forgotten about you. And from the bottom of my heart, I truly thank all of you for sticking with me all this time. Hopefully this blog hasn’t been a bore of any of you. ^^

To end this post today, I’ll end it with a favorite picture of mine that I came across on my phone while I was checking the collection of pictures I took with my phone. I hope everyone does well until the next post! Until then.. Stay healthy & safe! God bless you all! 🙂

2014-10-04 06.46.21.jpg
A leaf on the road that I came across when I was walking during Fall of 2014. (the color is real, not edited) Isn’t this leaf actually really pretty?? ^^

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