Asian Dramas Overload!!

Oh my gosh… It’s been ages since my last post hasn’t it??? Sorry for being so busy.. On top of being busy, I also had a period where I had no inspiration for writing anything… Which is the reason why I’m just back now.. Neverthless.. Let’s get back to my rants!! ^^

Nowadays, it seems that there are sooooo many Asian dramas that are coming out, going to come out or have come out that are of high quality (at least in my point of view)!! ^^ As such, for those trying to find good dramas to watch, here are some of the movies I have watched or are watching!!!
Currently Airing:
1. Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job) [Japan] – Highly recommended!!! they made an overused main idea into something very new!! the theme song (& the dance) is also really good!! From what I read online, in Japan itself, the theme song & the dance is the thing there right now!
2. The King of Romance [Taiwan] – Not sure yet as the 1st episode just aired. so far so good though!
3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo [Korea] – Not bad at all (despite the ratings). for those wanting to watch a youth drama, this is pretty good!
4. Romantic Doctor Kim [Korea] – As a medical drama this one is pretty good. There’s still romance (obviously from the title… duh… ^^), but the premise of it is interesting. It also helps that the “couple” (if they do end up together at the end) actually looks good and suitable together!
5. Miss in Kiss [Taiwan] – Another Itazura na Kiss remake. I’m not joking, but it feels that every 2 years (or something) there’s a new remake of Itazura na Kiss… nevertheless, I still enjoy the story anyways! The first episode just came out so let’s see how the story will be… since the part I like best in Itazura na Kiss is [Spoiler (click to open)] anyways…

Watched Movies/Dramas/Animes:
1. The Kodai Family (movie & SP) [Japan] – Watched the movie on the plane and felt that it was very good!!! Although I didn’t get to watch everything in detail (as I was very tired then & wanted to sleep (it was a 2am flight)), from what I watched (I still watched from beginning to end) I loved it! Can’t wait until it’s available for me to watch online (with english subtitle)!
2. Guard Center 24 SP [Japan] – Not bad. If you want to watch something that’s pretty good & short, this is a good choice. Interesting premise.
3. Chihayafuru (both Shimo no Ku & Kami no Ku) [Japan] – Loved the movie soooo much!!! I heard that the 3rd movie is in the making so I hope that gets done & released soon!! ^^
4. Yowamushi Pedal [Japan] – Rather than the live action, I prefer the anime. Loved the plotline, emphasis on the friendship & sportsmanship aspect of the show!! Also loved seeing how the main character grows!! The third season is coming out on January 9th, 2017, so I can’t wait to actually see it!! ^^ So excited!!!!!! ^^
5. Tenno no Ryoriban [Japan] – Wow..!! Just.. Wow!!! I loved the plotline.. loved the characters.. Loved all aspects of the series basically!!! A must try!!!

And that’s it for now… I hope this list helps!! Happy watching…!! ^^ See you next time!! ^^


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