Signal spazz (ep. 1-4)

Wow… It’s been around 2 months since my last post… To all my followers I’m sorry about that.. I just wasn’t getting inspirations to write anything but FINALLY I got one!! It’s about the latest Korean drama called “Signal”. 

This drama takes on a crime thriller genre where the past (we’re talking about 1989 here, as far as I’ve seen from episode 1 to 4) and the present (year 2015) is intertwined due to a walkie talkie. As a result of this walkie talkie, cases in the past (which are known in the present times as cold cases, meaning past cases that have yet to be solved) are either solved in the present times or some aspects of it has changed due to actions undertaken in the past. The detective in the past (who has the walkie talkie in the past) is named Jae Han while the detective in the present is named Hae Young. Hae Young also works with 3 other detectives in the cold case team, which one of them can be seen in the “cut” version of the poster photo below (photo credits to Hancinema). Although the radio transmission had caused permanent changes to both the past and present times (regarding the result from the action taken in the past), only Hae Young realizes the effect the changes in the past have towards the present times.

Signal main casts

(The left side are the main detectives in the present times whilst the right side is the main detective in the past times)

So far in episodes 1 to 4 we have seen 2 cases already, and I must say that neither cases have failed to excite and interest me. Without spoiling too much the first case brings our main lead (Hae Young) to the team (where before the 2nd case the “cold case team” wasn’t formed yet) and to the radio (where he’ll be communicating with Jae Han from the past). In the second case, on the other hand, we can see the start of the “creation” of the bond in the team (no matter how little the bond is currently seen), Hae Young finally understanding the situation regarding the radio transmission and what effects the radio transmission has to the present times, and the resistance towards the “cold case team” from the rest of the police force.

All I have to say after watching (or to be exact “skimming”) episode 1 to 4 is that this drama is probably one of the best crime thriller genre dramas that S. Korea has produced (bearing in mind that out of all the detective dramas that has been released in S.Korea, only TEN 1&2 and God’s Quiz are my 2 all time favourite detective dramas in S.Korea and Bad Guy being another drama that I really enjoy yet won’t put as my favourite drama). Nevertheless, I can’t wait for episode 5 & 6 to come out this weekend and I hope that everyone will give it a try since this is a drama that no one should miss!!

All I can say now is….


[All poster photos used in this post is credited to google (for the main poster) and Hancinema (for the main characters poster cut).]


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