Drama list spazz – December 2015 version

Since I realize that I haven’t been updating much I decided that I shall give everyone an insight on what I am currently watching and my favorite dramas of all time (listed in no particular order) in order to excite everyone in this month of giving!!! I’m also going to make a “wish-list” on what I am planning to watch in the near future and dramas, just so that everyone hopefully may also be as excited as I am!! Hope you guys enjoy these dramas as much as I do/did!!! ^^
Currently watching:

1) Reply 1988 (my favorite one out of the bunch! love the OTP, friendships & family stories told in this drama! honestly… if the story stays as amazing as it is it will most likely move to my “favorite dramas” list after it finishes its run <3) 

2) Love me if you dare

3) Bromance (only for Nana’s part though)

1) Remember (I seriously love Park Minyoung ever since Healer and I miss seeing Yoo Seungho in the small screen ever since I Miss You!! So this drama is definitely something I will try watching, also since the plot itself is very interesting!)

2) Oh My Venus!


Favorite dramas:

1) In a Good Way (TW-drama)

2) Itazura na kiss & it’s adaptations (JP/TW/KR-drama)

3) Healer (KR-drama)

4) Sassy Go Go (KR-drama) => (you didn’t think I would forget this drama already didn’t you..? ^.^)

(I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something on this list so if I remember it I’m going to update it!! otherwise… this it it for now!!!) 

Enjoy watching guys!!!


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