Infinite’s Sunggyu as 1st temporary MC in Weekly Idol (021215 episode preview)

Sunggyu, member & leader of Infinite (Korean idol boygroup), is by far one of my most favorite kpop leader. Weekly Idol, a show that has Kpop idol groups as their guest and airs weekly, is also one of my most favorite shows to watch if I want to relax and have a good laugh while only having a few minutes to spare. Thus, when there’s 2 of my favorite things added together (plus everyone who follows Weekly Idol and have watched Infinite’s episodes in Weekly Idol knows that) having Sunggyu and Weekly Idol together in 1 screen means more EPICNESS is about to come!!! As one of the main MCs of this show is currently on a temporary leave due to health issues, Sunggyu is going to fill in for 2 episodes only (if not mistaken). 

Although the episodes have aired already by the time I post this, for those who aren’t familiar with the premise of the show nor familiar with the guest MC I’m sharing this link (which is the preview of the 1st episode which Sunggyu guest-MCed). 

Be sure to watch it!!!  ^^

Source: [ENG SUB] 151201 #인피니트 Sunggyu MC – MBC Weekly Idol Preview


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