Reply 1988 spazz

Hey guys!!! I’m back!! Sorry for not being able to update these past few weeks because life finally catched up and I ran out of insipiration. However.. No longer!!! After the end of Sassy Go Go (which ended amazingly!!!! KY & YD became an end game!!! Woohooooo!!! ^^) I was momentarily lost on what could fill this gap… 

And while I was feeling blue I stumbled across Reply 1988.. Mind you.. I know that the Reply series is one of the most popular and sucessful TV series (didn’t follow Reply 1997 & Reply 1994 but I loved the ending of Reply 1997 and cane to know and love Seo Inguk & Eunji), but I didn’t really enjoy the “who is the husband” game as I felt it was pretty obvious. But Reply 1988 proved me wrong!!! And it is now easily my obsession and I am in LOVEEEE with Reply 1988!!! 

Not only is the main cast (OT5) sooooooooo perfect, the friendship that they have is something I really wish I had when I was growing up!! The family and frienship dynamics are also very heartwarming. Additionally, although we are given a hint that DeokSun (played by Girl’s Day’s Hyeri) will end up with 1 of her childhood friend (in the group of OT5), thus playing the “who is the husband” game again, instead of this dissuading me to watch Reply 1988, this made me love the drama even more and complements the family and friendship aspects of the drama. 

Here’s a picture of the OT5:

For those who have no idea what Reply 1988 is about, this drama takes place in Korea during 1988. However, this drama would also change (in terms of the year) and slowly lead to the present time (2015). Led by Hyeri (of Girl’s Day), the OT5 is completed with Lee Dong Dong Hwi, Ko Kyung Pyo, Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Bo Gum, where all of them are childhood friends and one of them will be Hyeri’s husband (in the drama in the future). 

Compared to the previous installments in the series, this drama is easily the highest ranked one (with the 4th episode at around 8%, which is seen VERY high as it is a cable drama). Many have also said that this drama could easily be ranked as high as Reply 1997 (and for those of you who follow you would know that Reply 1997 was insanely popular and one of the reasons why “tvn” has a good reputation and why there are more installments in the Reply series). 

For those wondering whether there’s any OTP that I’m shipping, you have thought correctly!! ^^ In this drama I’m currently shipping DeokSun and JungHwan (Hyeri & Ryu JunYeol), especially with episode 3 & 4 hinting that way..!!!! Can’t wait to see what will happen between the two of them tonight and tomorrow in episode 5 & 6!! 

Here are some stills for my beloved OTP: 


For those who have not watch this drama, go watch it NOW and surely you won’t regret it!!! Don’t forget to also watch it tonight at tvn at 7:50pm (KST)!!! 


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