Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!) D-1,2 to Episode 7,8 spazz

FINALLY!!! Tomorrow is the airing day for episode 7!!!!!!! Everyone!! PaRty tIMe!!!!!!! ^.^  Therefore, to get everyone excited for tomorrow’s episode 7 I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite scenes from the previous episodes of Sassy Go Go, which I am sharing the clips from the official KBS account. <update: I tried embedding the videos from the official website here but except for the first video the website doesn’t allow embedding. Therefore I’m just going to post the website where you guys can find these clips from. Sorry about that. 😦 Instead I’ll tell from which episodes these scenes are to ease the searching process for these clips. website: >

  1. Kim Yeol (KY) confession of having a girl that he wants to kiss (*smirks to Yeon Doo (YD)*) <episode 4>
  2. KY saving YD from the glass fragments <episode 4>
  3. KY & YD skipping school (& YD paying for KY’s “thank you” meal) and going to the traditional market together <episode 4>
  4. YD dancing to MFBTY’s Fly like an eagle on the school’s rooftop after Real King’s club was disbanded <episode 1>
  5. YD & Dong Jae’s (DJ) friendship <episode 1>

Here are 5 of my favourite scenes I’m sharing to you all tonight in order to (hopefully) get everyone excited and/or interested in the drama, for those of you who hasn’t watched it yet. If you really haven’t watched it, PLEASE GO WATCH IT NOW BECAUSE IT’S AWESOMEEEE!!! And “AWESOME” is still an understatement towards how amazing the quality of the drama is!! >.< (are you surprised by it? If you are then don’t be! Because this drama is easily one of the best dramas made this year (despite the low ratings achieved for each episode.))

So… enough of me ranting.. NOW it’s YOUR TURN to go watch the clips, anticipate episodes 7 & 8 and hopefully an even better episode(s) awaits us (which I’m pretty sure it will, as it always does)!! ^.^ Don’t forget to also SUPPORT the drama and the casts by posting good reviews on forums or anywhere else, telling your friends and people around you to watch it, and for those abroad (as all of my readers are not based in Korea) to watch it through the official kbs online streaming website! ^.^

And now… HAVE FUN WATCHING!!! ^.^


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