Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!) spazz: Episode 5 + 6

Another week, another 2 episodes by the amazing Sassy Go Go drama!! (So happy that there were 2 more episode & further development in both the plot and characters occurred. However, sad that now I need to wait for 5 more days until the new episodes (with english subtitles) will be out T.T )

If you haven’t noticed by now… I am SERIOUSLY IN LOVE with our main OTP!!!! How can there be such a beautiful and supportive couple?!?! (although not officially yet >.<) I’m seriously glad that Eunji & Wongeun was chosen to play YeonDoo and Kim Yeol, respectively, because they have perfectly portrayed their character to the tiniest details (which is a feat of itself!!). This also goes for the rest of the SGG cast, which have perfectly portrayed their characters so perfectly! Such an amazing job done by our wonderful young casts! So… in order to infect you all with my HUGEEEE love towards the YeonDoo x KimYeol couple I will post this photo (from a scene between our OTP in episode 4) before moving on to episode 5 & 6! ^.^


Aren’t they just the cutest (unofficial) couple ever?!?!? >.< Anyways… moving on.. ^.^
So… what did we find in episodes 5 & 6?

  1. HaJoon & YeonDoo finally becoming friends!! (hopefully they become the best of friends who has each other’s back, although you can see this kind of relationship definitely forming!! *yay ^.^*)
  2. SooAh becoming mean… AGAIN!!! (I thought that she was becoming “saner” in episode 5 but I guess I thought too fast… her “sickness” relapsed again in episode 6… eiiii…. writer-nim… >.< )
  3. Kim Yeol confessing to YeonDoo!!! (Although YeonDoo definitely didn’t 100% understand his meaning since he confessed in such a roundabout way… Seriously Kim Yeol… You MUST be direct if you want YeonDoo to REALLY understand your meaning >.< 😛 ^.^ )
  4. BaekHo + Real King + Ha DongJae = Sevit cheering squad!!! (with YeonDoo as the cheering squad president!!! *woohoo!!!*)
  5. Teacher Yang revealed as the whistleblower (& eventually got “kicked out” (although this is debatable since he didn’t quit Sevit because he was fired but because he took all the blame, thus got fired)
  6. Athletic meet & Sevit cheering squad performing in the meet
  7. YeonDoo (and I would like to also think the Sevit cheering squad) finally understanding what is the meaning behind “cheerleading”, which is definitely not a performance but you trying to cheer someone up and telling them to “Cheer Up!”
  8. Sevit cheering squad (sans SooAh) finally having their hearts in the right place & cheering and supporting for the right thing (which is for Teacher Yang and confessing the truth of what happened in front of the WHOLE school body!!)
  9. The banana milk scene between uri YeonDoo and uri Kim Yeol!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ (it was toooooooooo cuteeeeeeee!!! gahhhhhhhh!!!! >.< )
  10. More OTP scenes!!! (sorry for having 3 points about our OTP here… I just loveeee them sooooo much if you all haven’t noticed that by now… oops ^.^)

Before we move on, here’s the banana milk scene for all of you!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 23.55.10

Ahhhhhh!!! Once again… Aren’t they just the cutest thing ever?!?!?! >.< ^.^

Anyways… back on track… Sooooo…. What did I REALLY LOVE in episode 5 & 6?


So should you watch it?




So now go, have fun, and watch Sassy Go Go episodes 5 & 6 NOW if you have yet to watch it!!! >.< Hana… Dul.. Set!!! Go Go!!! (this is a reference from SGG, in particular Kim Yeol’s habit that he likes doing when speaking ^.^)


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