Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!) episode 3+4 spazz

Finally!!! This week episodes 3 and 4 was out! I have to say that they definitely didn’t disappoint me one bit and went beyond my expectations! These two episodes also allowed a better understanding of our characters regarding their background and how they became who they are in the present. To talk about this I will be talking about it in points (just like how Kim Yeol, the lead guy character) likes to talk in (which of course made its reappearance in episode 4!!! ^^). 

1. After this episode I’m sooooo glad that KY’s dad and YD’s mom are not together, in the sense that she didn’t accept his proposal. I hope it stays this way too if not what will become our main couple?!?!? (although I’m pretty sure the screenwriters will think of something up… hopefully? -.-“) 

2. KY & YD!!!! Is there anything else we can say with these two?!?!? So cuteeeeee!!! and so many moments to squeel and laugh along due to these two!!! Love them so much seriously!!! but what’s with the cliffhanger at the end?!? almost KISS?!?!? Arghhhhh!!! >o< I NEED episode 4 nowwww!!! TT.TT ❤ <3)

3. Friendship moments!!! I’m glad that everyone is warming up and laughing with one another! Hopefully this is just the start of a friendship that will be something lasting forever! It also helps that they have such a cool teacher as their cheerleading teacher! Awesome!!!! Here’s a picture that showed one of the many starts of their friendship!

  Isn’t this cute?!? This would have never happen in the past had it not been due to the teacher and the cheerleading club!!!! ^^

I loved both episodes soooo much and they’re such “gold” episodes. Such amazing episodes. However if I had to choose between the two episodes from this week my favorite episode would have to be episode 4. 

Despite the low ratings this week I’m glad that the episode ratings are increasing slowly but steadily. Hopefully this doesn’t demotivate the actors and instead gives them hope that the ratings will keep on increasing and that they’re doing suchhhh a great job in their respective characters! For those who haven’t watched it yet definitely do so NOW!! ^^ 

Sassy Go Go hwaiting!!!! ^^ ❤ ❤


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