Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!) spazz

It has been quite some time since I have updated my blog as I was busy with school work. However for my post this time I’m not going to talk about books but sidetrack for a bit to talk about a Korean drama that I have been watching recently (which I must tell you I am VERY VERYY VERYYY much IN LOVE with!!!!!). 

If you all guessed the series I’m watching is called “Sassy, Go Go” then you all are definitely correct!!! (give yourself a pat in the back! ^^) For some of you who do not know this series this is the synopsis of the drama:

Is there more to school than just grades? Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) is a peppy cheerleader who is popular at school because of her sunny personality. But when she transfers to an elite high school where grades and school rankings are stressed, she feels like an outcast because of her less-than-stellar grades. She also clashes with Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), a student who seems to have it all with great looks and great grades. Fellow cheerleader Seo Ha Joon (Ji Soo) also feels the pressures to do well academically but also harbors a family secret that detracts from his focus. Kwon Soo Ah (Chae Soo Bin) is pushed into cheerleading by her mother to boost her resume, but she realizes that she has a talent for it. All the students have to try to measure up to the school brainiac, Ha Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon). Can Yeon Doo survive in such a high-pressure environment? 

(credit: Viki)

Does it sound interesting? If this is not enough to interest you STILL give it a shot (especially for all you Kpop fans out there who are looking for a great quality + amazing drama). Even for me, at first I thought this drama was going to be one of those regular rom-coms where it’ll be cheesy while using the same formulas as other dramas and not leaving any lasting impressions on me. However I gave it a try (solely due to Jung Eunji) and instead I FELL IN LOVE with the entire cast!! Everything was made so believable that you can emphatize with the characters so easily that 1 hour just flies by very quickly and instead leaves you with anticipation for the next episode. 

Additionally I also fell in love with the main lead couple (main OTP), as they look so perfect together and their chemistry can definitely be rated as SIZZLING HOT!!!! Kudos to Jung Eunji and Lee Wongeun for that! Great acting by both of them, as this could be achieved if both parties are good enough to hold their own characters and bring them to life (which of course they were able to do that! ❤ ❤ ^^) If you’re curious to how they look like here is one of the scenes of theirs in episode 1 that gives you a glimpse of how HOT these two, when put together, can be!!! 

 (photo credit: Soompi)

Is it HOT or HOOOOTTTTTTT?!?!? >.< 

As of now there has only been 2 episodes released, which means there is another 10 more episodes left before the end of this series (don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this though….). However today is already Monday which means that episode 3 will be out TODAY and episode 4 TOMORROW!! So I am definitely ready for more of our main OTP & cast members of Sassy Go Go!! To get you all spazzing along with me here is another picture, which is one of the poster of Sassy Go Go, that I REALLY like!

  (photo credit: Dramabeans)

Aren’t they soooooooo cuteeeee together?!?!?! ^^

Anyways… For anyone who wants to spazz along with me you can FOR SURE comment on this post (and I will definitely spazz along with you. promise!!! ^^), watch Sassy Go Go at for english subtitles, or spazz with other viewers on the Soompi page of Sassy Go Go.

No matter what, keep supporting Sassy Go Go and enjoy the ride! Caution: Beware of falling DEEPLY in love with Sassy Go Go!!!! ^^ Have fun everyone!!!! 


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