MathemaLove (MatemaCinta) synopsis by Razy Bintang Argian

One of the first Indonesian books that I read and made me fall in love with Indonesian novels was MatemaCinta, which comes from the words Mathematics (Matematika in Indonesian) and Love (Cinta in Indonesian). Therefore, I have translated the title to MathemaLove. As I really love this book, and Indonesian books are usually not translated into English, therefore I have decided to translate this book as a way to spread the love of Indonesian novels to everyone.

For this book I have gotten the copy of the novel from As such, the translation of the novel would be based from the copy here.

The whole content of the book belongs to the author, Razy Bintang Argian, but the translation for this book belongs to me. So please credit me and ask for my permission if anyone were to use my translation of the book. 

And now, here is the synopsis for MathemaLove. Enjoy reading!



The list of sins that Rin has is now complete. This 17 year old tomboy girl often arrives late to school, often skips, rarely does her homework, a frequent offender of being punished and called by the teacher, and likes to steal the neighbor’s mango. And sadly, when she was stealing the neighbor’s mango, Rio, the owner’s house’s nephew, caught Rin.

Her bad luck still clouds over Rin. It turns out that the mathematics replacement teacher at Rin’s school is… Rio! Other than being an annoying neighbor, for Rin, Rio is also an annoying teacher. Rio seems to really like making problems with Rin. From changing Rin’s name to “marmot”, giving a lot of punishments because Rin didn’t do her homework, Rio even challenged Tommy, Rin’s crush who is a handsome guy, to a basketball match.

But because of Edwin, a naughty kid that is Rin’s cousin, Rin watch a movie together with Rio in the movie theater. And when Rin was beaten up by delinquent it was also Rio who saved Rin. Ever since then, they became close and became friends. Slowly, Rin started to like mathematics and unconsciously she also liked her mathematics teacher.

What wise people say is true, “We can’t choose when and who we will fall in love with…”


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